The Trusted Bank For Your Tax Preparation Business
Hey Tax Pros!
Did You Know That Requiring 
Upfront Payment 
Is Turning Hundreds Of Taxpayers Away?
And Your Current Banking Partner Could Be Costing You THOUSANDS Every Single Year 
Because Of Limited Resources.
You’re probably thinking, “No way! My banking partner knows their stuff and has YEARS of experience.”

But here’s the truth.

No matter the experience or credentials…

Most Banks are generalists and lack the technology and time to create a strategy that retains and brings in new business each year.

How do I know that?

Well, because that used to be me. I used to have accounting, tax, & financial consulting clients of every size in all different kinds of industries.

But one day, I had an epiphany...

I realized that instead of waiting for banking partners to adapt to new times, I needed to become a bank and help solve problems for tax preparers like myself.

First I focused on removing All junk fees. 

Then I started shifting some of the workload to help tax pros become more attractive.

We brought back Refund Advances, after they were banned for YEARS.

We created a process that lets you go Virtual with absolutely ZERO effort.

And most recently, we’ve created a marketing library that you can use to advertise your services with the click of a button.

I know how difficult it is to be at the top of your tax game, and also manage the little details of owning a small business.

That’s why I now dedicate my company to serving small tax business owners at every stage of their growth cycle.

And here's the thing...

When you look closely at buying behaviors, people prefer to have multiple payment options, even more-so if they don’t have to pay upfront. 

The worst part is, over 90% of the tax businesses I talk to aren’t offering it.

And if they are, they receive limited resources from banking partners on how to position it.

The problem that I run into all the time is that most tax preparers don't have any idea how they can leverage their refund transfer business and create lasting wealth from it.

That's why I decided to write my latest book...
7 Reasons How File Now, Pay Later Will Transform Your Tax Business
Download Your Free Copy Of My Book To See If You're Properly Leveraging Refund Transfers.
Here's what you'll discover inside:
  • How to position refund transfers with Millennials in mind: an emerging market
  • How to utilize the benefits of refund transfers as a mechanism for word of mouth.
  • ​How refund transfers provide the instant gratification customers look for in a service
  • ​How to properly advertise your "File Now, Pay Later service, so that it gets the most attention.
  • ​And much, much more!
Now Is The Time To Take Control 
Of Your Finances And Your Future!
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7 Reasons How File Now, Pay Later Will Transform Your Tax Business
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